Local Leaf RX Cultivation

Premium Cannabis Cultivation From Seed to Harvest

Our goal is simple--an optimum flower that is healthy, pure and potent from seed to harvest!

At Local Leaf, we work diligently to provide superior, plant-based solutions for patients while maintaining the desired potency recreational users have come to love.

Within our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility, we emphasize quality over quantity. Committed to growing safe and healthy cannabis, we employ sustainable, organically based practices to create an eco-friendly environment ripe for growth.

Using our proven cultivation process, we’ve given our knowledgeable staff of cannabis cultivators and local trimmers the freedom to nurture each flower individually using clean water, soil, and natural nutrients

Individualized Plant Care

Grow Where You're Planted

It’s true; all flowers are not created equal! Nonetheless, during the cultivation process, our individualized care methods have proven that you can yield the desired outcome from harvest to harvest.

Using our small batch approach, growers have free rein to address each plant’s needs under their care. Whether that requires tailored feedings, pruning and trimming or direct light supervision, every flower is audited, inspected and scrutinized by our lead grower.

By following Local Leaf Rx’s strict quality standards, we’re able to ensure that only the highest-quality flowers make it to market for a maximized potency that is the by-product of meticulous care.

Local is not simply a part of our name, it is the way we do business! Our team is dedicated to providing each medical marijuana patient with the highest quality products to support their treatment goals. We take tremendous pride in knowing our clients can be confident that any product from our dispensary is of the highest quality. 

Mike Langston, Lead Grower

Following Mike's Lead

Mike’s goal is simple: create an environment that allows each plant and strain to reach it's full potential of its genetic expression.

With over 20 years of experience in cannabis and hydroponic vegetable cultivation, Local Leaf RX is proud to partner with Mike to achieve this. He is truly passionate about the responsible, clean organic cannabis farming solutions.  As well as natural healing properties of cannabis and a healthy lifestyle. Great pride is taken from the fact that he touches  every single plant in the facility and provides them all with personal care and attention that each plant needs.  The knowledge and experience Mike brings to the table, puts us in the position to produce quality cannabis.

Mike spent years learning about many different growing techniques and sustainable farming methods. He learned extensively about nutrient schedules, pest management, indoor/outdoor farming methods and a crash course in “how to” set up your own indoor garden. He has designed everything from a fully functioning closet grow room to a large warehouse setup. 

Fast forward to 2020, amid a global pandemic a silver lining occurred. Local Leaf Cultivation was formed and together we set out from the start to produce Responsible, Clean, Organic, medical grade cannabis for our patients. At Local Leaf Cultivation we are an in house boutique growing facility implementing the latest in growing technology and organic farming solutions for our flowers. We source employees from our local community and believe in supporting our local community through charity and public events.

Aside from being a Master Cannabis grower at Local Leaf Cultivation, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 children. His main hobby involves running, Mike has competed in several major marathons including Chicago and his latest was the Pikes Peak Marathon in Manitou Springs, Colorado.